Terms & Conditions 
  1. Company relates to Glance Promotions Ltd., having its' registered office at Glance Promotions Ltd. 4 Shannonside Business Park, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary.
  2. Client relates to the party (person, firm or company) who signs up to Brochure Display at Dublin Airport through ‘Brochure Vision’.
  3. By agreeing to be displayed, or agreeing to accept an invoice for payment of the service at Dublin Airport via ‘Brochure Vision’, you are deemed to be a client of the service and are bound by these terms and conditions.
  4. These terms and conditions may only be altered by Glance Promotions Ltd. Any agreed changes must be confirmed in writing and only the signature of the Company Secretary of Glance Promotions Ltd. is valid in such circumstances.
  5. Dublin Airport Authority will be referred to as the DAA.
  6. Glance Promotions Ltd. has an agreement in place with the DAA to place brochure display racks in Dublin Airport Terminal 1 & Terminal 2. This agreement is subject to alteration. Should it be terminated at any time Glance Promotions Ltd. will contact the client and arrange a partial/full refund and the return of printed material.
  7. At their sole discretion the DAA may request or act to move permanently or temporarily the location of the brochure racks at any time. While informing Glance Promotions Ltd. of such movements this will not nullify any agreement in place to display brochures.
  8. At their sole discretion the DAA may request for certain printed material to be removed from display. In this event Glance Promotions Ltd. will contact the client in question to arrange a full/partial refund and return of the printed material.
  9. The DAA may request, at any time, a copy of the Invoice directly from the client as issued by Glance Promotions Ltd.


Bookings & Payment
  1. Bookings for this service can only be made on-line through this website.
  2. Bookings made within 3 weeks before the start of contract may not be on display until 3 weeks after the date of booking. Termination date of the booking will remain the same
  3. Public bodies may issue non-cancelling purchase orders and be invoiced on that basis.
  4. Existing clients of Glance Promotions Ltd., who have a direct debit payment scheme in place with Glance Promotions Ltd., may have payment for the service added to their direct debit payment schedule. The payment will be directly related to the timespan of using the ‘Brochure Vision’ service, or to the last normal annual payment, whichever results in the closer payment date.
  5. For all other parties full payment must be received before any contract is commenced or entered into.
  6. For clarity purposes please note that no contract exists at all until payment for the contract has being cleared. Delay in receiving payment may mean desired positions are not available upon the date of payment being received.
  7. Payment options are by cheque, credit transfer, credit card or direct debit (available for existing clients of Glance Promotions Ltd. only).
  8. Rates quoted on the day of booking are the valid rates. Rates quoted will be subject to VAT @ 23% which will be shown.


          Delivery of Printed Materials
  1. Printed materials must be delivered to our warehouse in Limerick at least 15 working days prior to commencement date of contract. Delivery in a shorter timeframe may mean your brochures are not displayed from the start date of your contract.
  2. The address for delivery of printed materials is: Glance Promotions Ltd., 4 Shannonside Business Park, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary. Tel: 061 338588. Normal delivery hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.


          Brochure Quantities
  1. Glance Promotions Ltd. can only give an estimate of how many brochures will be required to start with. Upon receipt of your booking we will contact you to advise of initial quantities.
  2. When we require additional stock we will contact you as necessary.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure brochures are delivered to us upon a request for them. Glance Promotions Ltd. reserve the right to issue you only one recordable email, phone call, fax, or letter requesting additional supplies of brochures. Failure to deliver brochures will, eventually, result in failure to have them on display, but will not result in a cancelled contract or the creation of any refunds due to non-display.
  4. The Company reserves the right to restrict the number of brochures stored on behalf of the client should the volume of printed materials delivered far exceed either the demand for same, or the demand within one month for same.


     Collection of Brochures
  1. If Glance Promotions Ltd. are required to collect printed materials from client premises a charge will automatically be levied and be charged on the next invoice issued.
  2. Until collection charges are paid in full Glance Promotions Ltd. retain the right to cancel any contract in operation and/or switch out client brochures in favour of other brochures.
  3. Printed materials delivered to Glance should be in good condition and be suitable for distribution.
  4. The brochure display rack at Dublin Airport will display standard DL/One-Third A4 sized brochures; A5 sized brochures; Half-A4 upright brochures as standard. Other sizes, such as magazine size, may also be displayed but enquiries should be made first to info@glancepromotions.ie or phone 061 338588


  1. If you wish to cancel the service, notice must be submitted in writing (fax, email, letter) to the Company.
  2. Cancellations cannot be effected for any brochures which would currently be on display within a given quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). Therefore cancellations may only be made on the next quarter booked.
  3. Notice must be received at least 6 weeks prior to start of the service.
  4. Cancellations received within 6 weeks of the start of a service are subject to a fee of 20% of contract value.


          Best Effort Servicing and Service Complaints
  1. All service complaints should be referred to Glance Promotions Ltd., as soon as they arise. Dublin Airport has almost 20 million passengers passing through it on an annual basis. Service operations may be affected by on site situations so it is important that service complaints are made as close to the day of issue arising. In any case, service complaints made after two weeks of the issue arising may not be handled.
  2. Glance Promotions Ltd. has operated brochure display services since 1992. We pride ourselves on our service levels and because of our track record, systemised approach to servicing of brochure racks, and record making of each service undertaken, we were the first European company to be accepted into the Association of Professional Brochure Distributors. We remain the only Irish company accepted as a member of the association.
  3. The servicing of the brochure racks at Dublin Airport is set out on a planned frequency basis. This basis alters during each season, and even within each week. The frequency of service is planned to a level that seeks to ensure that all brochures are on display at all times. Nonetheless there can be times when brochures are not on display.
  4. Glance Promotions Ltd. is in a position to provide servicing reports, including on occasions photographic records, when service complaints arise. For a variety of reasons Glance Promotions is not in a position to guarantee the display of brochures. These reasons can extend from simple non-supply of adequate stock; to adverse weather conditions; security alerts; non-display of adequate amounts (such as where a client provides a booklet to display whereby the space booked can only stock a number which is insufficient to meet the demand between servicings and the client does not purchase adequate facings to overcome this issue); removal of brochures by tour groups, by competitors, or best of all by the public because the brochure is of sufficient interest.


  1. As well as the DAA, Glance Promotions Ltd. reserve the right to choose not to display certain brochures. Glance Promotions Ltd. will contact the client in each case and arrange a partial/full refund and the return of client printed material.